Student Support Flowchart

graph TD;A(Academic Distress
Sudden Decline in Work and Grades
Repeated Absences
Disorganized Performance
Multiple Extension Requests
Bizarre content in writings or presentations); A--> B{Check In}; B --> |Just Academics| C{What are academic barriers}; G{Refer} --> I; B-->|Desperate requests for faculty
or staff time and attention| G; B-->|You find yourself providing more
personal than academic support| G; C -->|Format of Material| D{What formats work best?}; D--> H; H(Share study materials in applicable formats
If you don't have something on hand,
follow up with the student later.
Reach out to campus orgs and course staff
about available study materials); C -->|Pacing of Course| E; E(Meet and make a plan:
Student Meetings and Planning Guidance); F(Access to Basic Needs
Family Emergencies
and many more ....); C -->|Life Circumstances| F; F --> G; I(Resources from CSI);